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Welcome to Telangana Open Educational Resources

This is an OER repository for resource creation of the teachers, by the teachers and for the teachers of Telangana.

This is an initiative of the Department of School Education, DSE, to create a resource repository of Open Educational Resources (OER) for teachers to make available curricular resources as well as support continuous professional development through participatory resource creation.

It is envisaged that teachers and teacher educators will collaborate to build OER on this platform. Participation by teachers can provide a sustainable model of creating and sharing educational resources that can enhance the educational outcomes.

The core principles of TROER are participation, contextualization, availability of open educational resources and supporting teachers' professional development through participation in making curricular resources.

The resources have been developed for primary, elementary and secondary levels, along the framework developed in the National Curricular Framework, and as per the Telangana State Curricular Framework. These resources will include pedagogic approaches and classroom practices that will build towards the meta-knowledge of the practising teachers and teacher educators and are meant to supplement and complement the textbooks.

Telangana ICT@School programme

The aim of the Telangana state education department (DSE) is to integrate technology into teaching and learning in sustained and meaningful ways.

The department is building digital labs in schools and equipping classrooms with digital resources.

TROER is an important component of this program, all digital resources relevant and required for teachers and students will be made available on TROER, consisting of accessed resources (links), existing resources and created resources. Read more

Teacher training workshops

  1. Science STF SRP workshop April 2017
  2. Mathematics STF SRP workshop April 2017
  3. Technology state group (MIS) workshop June 2017
  4. Maths and Science STF SRP workshop October 2017
  5. STF District training 2017-18
  6. Technology state group (MIS) workshop May 2018

TROER resource creation workshops

  1. TROER workshop February 2017
  2. TROER workshop April 2017
ICT Textbook and Handbook

The ICT syllabus is developed with the following components: A textbook for students, that introduces ICT skills and applications in a project based way, integrated with the different school subjects.

The core competencies and skills will be based on National ICT curriculum and the Telangana state subject text books and academic standards.

handbook for teachers and teacher educators to help them implement the syllabus as well as support their own knowledge and learning of the ICT applications based on the NCERT ICT curriculum. Read more

Teacher Education

Teacher education refers to the policies and procedures designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and wider community.

Gender and inclusive education
Pre-Primary Education
How to participate

You can participate in TROER either by directly editing the content, if you have login credentials.

If you do not have login access you can submit your resources using the Contribute button on the left panel.